Meze in Tel Aviv

//Meze in Tel Aviv

Meze in Tel Aviv

Having not indulged in enough food during the holidays, my sweet man decided to treat us to a meze restaurant in Tel Aviv. Wisely choosing an establishment that is one of the family favorites, Ozeria in south Greek RestaurantTel Aviv we were looking forward to an evening of simple Greek tapas, aGreek Restaurant couple of ouzo cocktails and creative banter across the table.
Instead, or shall I say in addition too the delightful, delicious and plentiful dishes of Greek inspired food, the (slightly tipsy)  old man decided to give us an ‘informed’  lecture on the meaning of meze (yes really).
Did you know that in Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern cookery, meze is a selection of hot and cold dishes typically served as an hors d’oeuvre. Generally the ingredients are combinations of what is locally produced and therefore with an authentic and sometimes regional flavor.
Of course you knew and so did we, but attempting to be kind to the super food buff ,we all responded with Ah or was it Dah and tried to swallow our mouthful of meze without regurgitating it from hysteric laughter…

Greek RestaurantIn fairness the man did good to book a wicked evening, even if he nearly made us choke…..Greek Restaurant

Did I mention his Greek dancing???

For fear of repeating myself there is a post about Ouzeria called A Taste of Greece. Do check out my description, atmosphere and foodie specials. In the meantime I leave you with a few mezes to drool over!



♥OuzeriaGreek RestaurantGreek Restaurant

44 Matalon St, Tel Aviv
Tel: +972-3-5330899
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