Pesach 2020 in Tel Aviv

//Pesach 2020 in Tel Aviv

Pesach 2020 in Tel Aviv

Yet another year “passes” and we’ve nearly reached Passover. Even with catastrophic Coronavirus, Pesach 2020 in Tel Aviv will follow the usual Holiday customs. The covering of  chametzPesach 2017 in Tel Aviv-Haggadah2 items on the shelves in the supermarkets and local grocery stores. This will ensure that nothing with a leavening agent remains in sight! All Bakeries and Patisteries that still remain open in the lockdown, will finally close their kitchens. Cafes and restaurants have already locked up, so no need for adapted holiday menus. Now at home, Pesach 2020 is a like a simple Spring clean, after constantly disinfecting due to the vile virus.

For all Jewish people, Passover is a very significant festival. Whether we are living in Tel Aviv, or any city in the world, we as one community come together on this ‘holyday”. It’s a holiday for remembrance and thanks. We gratefully acknowledge our liberation from a long slavery in Egypt. As we celebrate our freedom as one nation, we are each gently reminded of who we are and why we exist.Pesach 2017 in Tel Aviv-Haggadah3

Our homes are usually cleaned more profusely than normal. We ensure that not a breadcrumb is visible, and try to  eliminate all traces of forbidden leavened food. Why is this necessary? This is done in order to experience the hardship of eating unleavened bread, as forefathers did. These days this is no great sacrifice, as we have matzot in all the gourmet forms. We even have bread made from matza meal. However, it does signify our commitment to commemorate and recognize the importance of Passover.

This Pesach 2020 in Tel Aviv, the Seder table will be shared with our loved ones, both in close and distant proximity. Either physically or virtually, we  will together read and chant through the Haggadah (the “telling”) The text will carry us through the traumatic Pesach 2017 in Tel Aviv-Haggadah4biblical journey that was so very long ago. It will also remind us of the traumatic journey that we are all suffering  today, all over the world.

The traditional Passover rituals & blessings will be performed. Specific foods will be eaten, each representing our lives as they were. Parsley dipped in salted water and vegetable symbolizing our lowly origins. Salted water symbolizing the many tears shed during our imprisonment as slaves.  ” Maror”, bitter herbs symbolizing our enslavement. “Haroset” a sweet nutty (delicious) paste symbolizing the mortar the slaves used to build with. Matzah, unleavened bread, which is probably the greatest universal symbol of the Exodus

My personal Pesach 2020  in Tel Aviv will be a time for reflection. Celebrating those brave Jews from history who suffered but fought with hope and faith. During my Pesach 2020 in Tel Aviv I will commemorate those that suffered and fought in recent times. I will humbly ask for a healthy recovery for those suffering the new plague, Coronavirus.

At each Passover, let us never forget those who still suffer and fight in these current times. Let us celebrate that we have a safe land which is home to the entire Jewish Nation. Let us celebrate that we still have a wonderful planet which is home to all mankind!

Sweet friends when you celebrate Pesach this year, give thanks to our ancestors and to all those that helped the Children of Israel survive. Give thanks too to those that are helping all of us to survive now. Pray that humanity finds a cure for Coronavirus.

Passover in Israel begins on the evening of Wednesday, 8th April & ends on the evening of  Wednesday15th April 2020

♥May you have a Sweet and very healthy Pesach 2020

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