Dalida Bar-Tel Aviv

//Dalida Bar-Tel Aviv

Dalida Bar-Tel Aviv

To delight in Dalida Bar -Tel Aviv-Food Prepa drink in the city is to experience a beautiful bar such as Dalida Bar in Tel Aviv. I wanted to indulge in the fruit of the vine with sweet friends, so when
Dalida Bar -Tel Aviv-Wine
better to visit than “happy Hour!
An early evening tipple at what would have been twice the price for a bottle was just what we needed. Dalida Bar is located directly opposite the restaurant of the same name (see my post here) in a fairly scruffy south Tel Aviv street. However, there is nothing reflecting the street in this bar. The welcoming decor is warmly vintage with pieces of retro furniture (old sewing machine table & piano stools included). The walls are coated with a rich coloring of the deepest aqua green. The long center bar is dark polished wood as are the cabinets that stock the precious bottles of booze. The interior is cleverly designed to give the illusion of luxury with the seclusion of an old-fashioned men’s club. The premise officially holds up to 30 people but I guess it might be difficult to uphold that number after a few drinks…

We were certainly “Dalida Bar -Tel Aviv-Cervichehappy” sipping aromatic white wine from bowl-shaped glasses whilst seated at the half moon end of the bar, people watching. Nibbling at the savDalida Bar -Tel Aviv-Planch dishory tasty bites which were served with the wine, we suddenly had a surge of hunger.

Reading quickly through the menu yet again, we didn’t need much convincing to choose a few inventive dishes suggested by our waiter which sounded exciting. Dishes were speedily prepared at the mighty although mini kitchen at the bar. I could certainly do will a few tips in the kitchen! Served in metal pots on intricate glass plates the food as a pretty as it was tasty. Well enjoy by my sweet gang!

If you have a thirst for fine wine or a fancy for a creative cocktail (shaken not stirred) this sweet Tel Aviv bar is a great place from early to late evening. Food to stimulatealida Bar -Tel Aviv-Savoury creme dish any appetite, wine to settle the soul and in my case, fab friends who generously footed the bill for this Birthday bash♥






♥ Dalida Bar

Address : 8, Zevulun Street

Tel : +972-3-536 9627

Opening times: Sat to Thurs 6:00pm to early hours of the morning
6:00pm – 8:00pm -Happy Hour
Friday 8:00pm until last customer

Reservations: A must

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