29 10, 2015

Diamond Jewel Duo- Ben & Guy

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There are many delightful diamond jewelers in Tel Aviv but none more dynamic or dedicated to their profession than Ben & Guy. Not only are they connected by their business interest but their connection has a much deeper bond, they are brothers. To be precise they are identical twins!. They may look alike and even sound alike but [...]

8 10, 2015

Unique is Galit-Inspired Tel Aviv Jewelry

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When I first noticed sweet Galit my attention was firmly fixated on the amazing necklace she was wearing! Visiting a South Tel Aviv venue to see collections from the local designer scene, I instead found myself staring between the throat and chest of this little lady, examining  the handmade jewelry and piece of artwork she was proudly displaying around her [...]

8 07, 2015

Tel Aviv-Fine Jewelry Talent

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With rings on his fingers and gems on his toes Ben will design wherever he goes! Ben a charming and talented young man hailing  from Tel Aviv studied for four years in the reputable Shenkar College of Design. He  gained a Bachelors Degree in Jewelry Design. This was in order that he could be recognized in his [...]

18 06, 2015

Tel Aviv Handmade Jewelry-BohoStyle

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How I love new, fresh creative jewelry talent springing from Tel Aviv ! Liron, known to her friends as Keysam (toothpick) is one such splendid talent. Since she was a child her life has been about traveling and delving into the delights of design, which she discovered on these extraordinary explorations. At a young [...]