Unique Jewelry by Galit Rondin

///Unique Jewelry by Galit Rondin

Unique Jewelry by Galit Rondin

When I first noticed sweet Galit my attention was firmly fixated on the amazing jewelry she was wearing! Visiting a Tel Aviv venue to see colleGalit -Eye necklacections from the local Galit Rondin Personaldesigner scene, I instead found myself staring at the throat and chest of this little lady, examining this handmade necklace. It was a piece of artwork that she was proudly displaying around her neck!

Galit is a petite, pretty woman with warm brown eyes, wild woolly hair and winning smile.  Despite her small stature, she has a large and awesome talent to create some of the most outstanding dress jewelry that I have seen in years.

Galit’s natural gift flourished quite late in life. During her twenties, she followed her logical senses by studying three years for a Bachelors degree in business marketing. Unsure of herself and the direction in which her studies would lead her, she took a dramatic leap of faith into the unknown and moved to New York, New York with her then-boyfriend. She had always wanted to spread her wings and this seemed like the ideal opportunity and perfect place to start. She was not completely without her senses however and decided to further extend her knowledge in marketing by continuing to study for her Master’s degree.

After a period of time, Galit finally acknowledged that her chosen subject marketing did not really inspire her nor make use of her true creative talent. She was determined to follow her hands and her heart and so looked for an extracurricular activity that would strengthen and develop her growing passion. To satisfy this need within her, all her spare time was spentGalit Rondin
constructing beautiful necklaces from oGalit-Pink necklace-ld jeweled pieces that she found whilst rummaging through flea markets. She combined retro or antique brooches & earrings with newer chains, bracelets and watch straps. She added diamante clips, colored rhinestones and any interesting charms or pendant pieces she could get her hands on!
Galit would wear all of her extraordinary necklaces to college, for which she always received many compliments from her classmates who were soon insisting that she create similar items for them to wear!

Galit loved living in New York as her passion for design was stimulated even further by the bustling city and all it had to offer. She loved the offbeat designers, the intricate vintage clothing, the eclectic markets and the vibe of the fashion scene. Like a sponge, she soaked it all up until she could no longer contain herself. She needed to release the desire within and did so by developing her own unique artwork in jewelry. Inspired by her pulsing environment, she challenged herself by producing spectacular necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that were labors of both creativity and love! She often felt and still does that her jewelry is an extension of herself in a physical and emotional sense.

FGalit-Rose Earrings for postour years ago Galit decided to return to her native country. She had missed her extended family and wanted to reconnUnique by Galit -Spider Web 1necklaceect with her roots. She invested time and energy in building from scratch a new business from her beloved Tel Aviv base. She began supplying her Unique Jewelry by Galit Rondin to specialist outlets and upmarket clothing boutiques.

Since then, her remarkable talent has been recognized. Her wonderful pieces have been profusely pictured, published,  presented on fashion TV and even proudly accessorized the clothing creations of some of the most famous designers in Israel.

If you would like to be the owner of a Sweet special one of a kind item of wearable art, do contact Galit at the number below or message her via her FB page. Remember to mention that Sweet Tel Aviv sent you!

Unique Jewelry by Galit Rondin – Tel:+972-54-2832444

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