Tel Aviv-Fine Jewelry Talent

///Tel Aviv-Fine Jewelry Talent

Tel Aviv-Fine Jewelry Talent

With rings on his fingers and gems on his toes Ben will design wherever he goes! Ben a charming and talented young man hailing  from Tel Aviv studied for four years in the reputable Shenkar College of Design. He  gained a Bachelors Degree in JewBen Leaves Ring with stoneelry Design. This was in order tBenati Jewelry Profilehat he could be recognized in his own right do what he had always aspired to do, design and create beautiful handmade, romantic jewelry.

Even as a young boy Ben had always had the inclination to create and the imagination to develop something splendid with any artistic medium. He related more to working with his hands than his academic studies as this fed his creativity. He even collected interesting or unusual gem stones including some semi precious, because he appreciated the appearance, angles and varying textures of them. Whilst visiting family in Europe, he had many opportunities to wander around vintage and antique markets where his focus would be on the intricate designs of the old elegant jewelry pieces of bygone ages.

After leaving the IDF, Ben for a short period worked in Sushi preparation. The appeal was not only the taste but in the construction and the aesthetic of the end product!  It was with his sushi hat on, that he made a connection with a tiny jewelry workshop in Tel Aviv and became fascinated in the creation of the items which they produced. In time, they invited him to make a ring on his own, which he accepted with delight. So, with the first ring in hand (or on his finger) Ben’s dream became a reality.

Benati -Fine JewelryBen now designs, develops and executes beautiful handcrafted pieces. rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings . He uses theDiamond infinity Necklace1 very finest of materials, precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires combined with gold in all its color ranges and on occasion platinum and silver. Primarily his designs have a luxurious visual presence with a delicate romanticism.

His creative inspiration predominately comes from nature although he infuses the edginess of architecture too. He can be influenced by the grain in wood , the ridges of shells and textures of something as simple as nuts, as well as the softer more feminine lines of the botanical world, flowers, petals , leaf formations.

Ben is now an independent designer established Ben Twist infinity diamond ring2revfor over two years. He has happy, satisfied clients from all over the world, many of whom have bought both engagement and wedding rings from his jewelry ranges.

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