Shopping in Kikar Hamedina

//Shopping in Kikar Hamedina

Shopping in Kikar Hamedina

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On miserable, grey, rainy and slow blood flow cold days, (which are thankfully infrequent)  I  like to get some retail therapy ( window or otherwise) at the cities outside shopping areas. Today I trudged around spacious and affluent Kikar Hamedina (Square of the Country), with fake fur hat on head, gloves in hand and my quilted plastic (but designer thank you) tote bag.
You may believe I am joking (about shopping in an open area in bad weather I mean), but indeed I am not, just take a moment to think about it. ..
-Less people venture out when bad weather prevails, all run to shopping malls (or happily stay home), hence no crowds.

.Shops are virtually empty (except for the odd few in the same mind frame as me), so you are easily able to methodically search though every clothes rail, every sweater shelf, every shoe display until  THE  item(s) of your hearts desire is discovered.

-With fewer shoppers to attend to, service improves substantially plus with an enthusiasm previously unseen, ( money required in cash register)Kikar Hamedina rv1

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Back to Kikar Hamedina. If you like to shop classic and luxurious designer labels,imported bed linens and household specials then this is definitely the place to do it, this is the shopping in Tel Aviv.
There is a plethora of wonderful shops selling exquisite fashion clothing , shoes to die for, handbags to envy. The women’s wear is far superior than that on offer for men,  but nevertheless most come at a price, (as they would do anywhere in the world)
Anyway what harm is a little indulgence now and then, shopping in the city!
 ♥ Kikar Hamedina
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