Best Hair Salon in Tel Aviv

//Best Hair Salon in Tel Aviv

Best Hair Salon in Tel Aviv

Best Hair Salon Tel Aviv-Redlowlights-Who’s the most important person after my BFF?  My hairdresser . Hailing from the best hair salon in Tel Aviv I bHair New rv2ow low to his talent and the ability to take me from Mrs Mop Head to Miss Model. Transforming my locks from knotty nettles to carefree curls, I always feel amazed at how pleased I am at my own appearance (without pink tinted mirrors!). Maybe that sounds vain but who cares. If I think I look good after a visit to the hairdresser and it lifts my mood to a higher positive level, I see it as a less expensive option than a short vacation!  Most women and men that ‘do’ will certainly experience  an elevated self awareness and will definitely preen and almost purr at what is reflected back at them!

I have experienced many hair salons during my developing years throughout a a few continents. I have been coiffed by the famous, trimmed by the infamous and sometimes devastated by a “Freddy Krueger” of the profession!  That’s the reason that salons are generally recommended.The secret community of super stylists in every  city are passed on by word of mouth and even from generation to generation.

In my case, my Sweet hairdresser in Tel Aviv is one of the owners of  I D Identity.  A lovely large salon located in a central position at 131 Ben Yehuda Street it has an impressive facade, a modern mirrored interior and some interesting art work by Mostral.  The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and professional, which I attribute to the experienced Hair New rv3partners David and Itzak. This super skilBest Hair Salon Tel Aviv-blond- Jan 2016led pair seem to take everything in their stride whilst recreating a more attractive you!

With hands of true masters and artists at their craft, they can transform the limpest hair into a stylish swish of red carpet glam or scissor through an unruly bush to reveal the beauty within. With their superb cutting, creative coloring, highlighting, tinting and blow drying  I am always astonished at the magic they perform to reinvent a person from plain to perfect! I  personally adore my hairdresser and am always delighted at the outcome after a visit to the salon.

Language is no problem. Hebrew, English, French are spoken fluently plus the addition of  Farsi and Moroccan !
ID Identity’s loyal client base come from all over the country and many of those from North America & Europe who have emigrated to Israel during recent years. There is always a constant stream of people from abroad. Many of these visitors have heard about the salon from satisfied friends or family and become themselves “regulars” when holidaying in Tel Aviv.
 Best Hair Salon Tel Aviv-bob- Jan 2016
Visiting my hairdresser is an experience which gives me pleasure from the aesthetic point of view plus the time I get thair photos rv10o relax in a chair ! It’s an hour or so that  get to meet interesting people, catch up on reading  an article or two and enjoy an in house cappuccino. When I leave I feel renewed in every sense of the word!
 Hairstylist Tel Aviv
131 Ben Yehuda Street.
Tel: +972-3-5228777
Facebook: ID Identity
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  1. Rosalind 28 בJanuary 2016 at 15:42 - Reply

    Nothing like Israeli hairdressers! Agreed !!

    • Frances H 28 בJanuary 2016 at 16:51 - Reply

      Sounds like you had a Sweet experience Rosalind! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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