The Best Morning Coffee

//The Best Morning Coffee

The Best Morning Coffee

We are known as creatures of habit, which in my case is true especially when it comes to my first Saturday morning coffee. After a grueling week of time constraints tLe Cafe Ben Gurionrv2here is nothing more pleasurable than waking up to the tweeting of birds (or hawks that squawk)  the barking of dogs and less heavy traffic buzz (note I exclude the shouts of neighbors..)  Getting dressed in a leisurely manner and Cafe Ben Gurion rv1wearing garments of a more casual and comfortable (no never scruffy)  nature,  only adds to the chilled out feeling. It is however only when I get to savour my first sip of frothy fragrant coffee that I really appreciate the weekend.

This morning, with a grey/blue sky and bright rays of sun filtering through darkened green trees it was definite trip to my very favourite outside coffee and sandwich kiosk Le CaPhe on Ben Gurion Boulevard, cornering Dizengoff Street.

As you stroll along the boulevard before reaching the kiosk itself, there are a numbers of permanent wooden tables (owned by the Tel Aviv council and for public use)  which are now shaded by parasols together with additional seating added by the owners. This kiosk, of approximately 12 meters in size  has passed through many hands in as many years, selling a variety of  coffees, sandwiches and pastas, but none have been quite as inventive, attractive or popular as Le CaPhe. The exterior is aCafe Ben Gurion rv2Cafe Ben Gurion rv3n endearing mix of nature, hanging Ivy and smoothed stones captured by netting. At the ordering opening on Ben Gurion is a outside shelf complete with all manner of glass jarred yummy looking cookies (including freebies for mans best friend) a jug of water with sliced lemons and mint leaves together glasses and, not to disappoint those who wish to stay connected, chargers for smart phones.

On the side situated on Dizengoff Street sits the wonderful display of sandwiches, cakes and Vietnamese meals (hence the cafes name). The sandwiches, distinctive in their styled wrappings, are comprised of many different types of breads all  stuffed with creative and delicious fillings (and all pretty moreish).

I digress, I love the coffee here.  Whether I drink my cappuccino with light or full milk, small or large, it always tastes good and consistency equals success in any food or drink outlet. Since the place is always busy with regulars and passersby I guess other people share the same view. The staff are exceptional, helpful, friendly, pleasant and genuinely happy and add to the lovely atmosphere.Catering to the Tel Aviv clientele and its visitors the owners of Le Caphe have taken the kiosk cafe experience to the next level.

Le Cafe Ben Gurionrv1

♥Le CaPhe

Ben Gurion Boulevard / Dizengoff St.

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  1. Sharon colman 12 בJanuary 2015 at 21:20 - Reply

    I would have to agree on my most recent visit , I enjoyed one or two delicious lattes and equally delectable sandwiches here.
    Enjoying reading the site… Looking forward to hearing more

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