Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

//Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

Whether you wear an incy wincy bikini, one-piece, trunks or wetsuit you will want to know about the Best Beaches in Tel Aviv. This post is dedicated to just that. Here is the lowdown of each of the Best Beaches in Tel Aviv without getting a grain of sand in your eyes! Firstly some general information so you don’t get caught off-guard or with a lifeguard 🙂

We have nearly nine glorious miles of Mediterranean coastline outlining the sunny city, consisting of 16 Tel Aviv Beaches stretching from Tel Aviv to Jaffa.

The long well-maintained and partly renewed promenade runs alongside the western seashore (Gordon Beach to Jaffa). It is ideal for a leisurely walk whilst taking in the breathtaking views. There’s even a bike lane for those of you feeling the need to peddle along. Plenty of public seating is available. Benches or comfortable smooth curved stones on decking, where you can rest and breath in the salty sea air.

Sunbeds, sun chairs and sunshades are for rent. Charges range from 12 to 30 NIS for a bed and around 6NIS for a shade per use. If you prefer you can bring a large beach towel or throw to place directly on the sand. This may be a cheaper option, but it is not the most comfortable solution on a crowded beach.

It is strictly forbidden to bring glass bottles to any of the beaches for safety reasons. Should you wish to drink alcohol, then transfer it into a plastic bottle. Shake up your cocktails in a plastic container before you reach the beach and buy canned versions of soft drinks. Heavy fines are applied if you get caught. An easier (but more expensive) alternative is to order drinks on the beach from one of the many obliging waiters who will serve you an ice cold drink & food at your sunbed…

Loud music is banned (ghetto blasters) – so if you need to hit a beat at volume use your headphones!

A few beaches are renown for the Israeli bat & ball game called matkot. Since most of the real professionals play off the sand there are likely to be a lot of wannabes on sand. Do stay clear of a flying ball, they really can hurt on a soft fleshy landing.

The multilingual Lifeguard calls can be distracting. Do remember they are doing a difficult job in maintaining the crowds in the water from accidents, finding lost infants and shouting out warnings about glass bottles, loud music & pickpockets. Although not always eye candy they do have the knack of telling terrible jokes!

♦Weekends are the busiest time for any of the Tel Aviv beaches. In Israel, that means Friday and Saturday. Specifically, on these days try and get there early. Be patient with the beach staff who work their flip flops off to supply you with what you need. Give these guy a break by dumping your trash in the plentiful litter bins before you leave the beach. 

Hof Hatzuk (Reef Beach) NorthBest Beaches in Tel Aviv- HazukNorth Beach

Hof Hatzuk (Reef Beach) North, also known as Mandarin Beach – Tel Aviv’s northernmost beach. This beach borders the city of Herzliya’s own beautiful beaches and affluent port. It has good facilities and is family friendly, buy it’s a car or taxi ride from the main Tel Aviv Hotels.

Hof Hatzuk (Reef Beach) SouthBest Beaches in Tel Aviv- HazukSouth Beach

Hof Hatzuk (Reef Beach) South, also known as Sea & Sun Beach.  The sister of the northern beach is adjacent to a development of exclusive apartments. This is a well maintained if not narrow beach with good facilities.

Tel Baruch BeachBest Beaches in Tel Aviv- Tel Baruch Beach

Tel Baruch Beach is located towards the north and a car or taxi ride from the main Tel Aviv Hotels. With a wide sandy  beach, it is well maintained. Plenty of parking if required.


Hof Metzitzim (Metzitzim Beach)Best Beaches in Tel Aviv-Metzizim

Metzitzim Beach – A beach for families close to Namal (Port) Tel Aviv. Has a  child’s playground,  volleyball courts and (if you have any energy left) an outdoor workout area with equipment. Very popular with the locals.

Religious Beach 
Best Beaches in Tel Aviv- Religious

Religious Beach or “Separate” Beach – This small but well-maintained beach is adjacent to Nordea Street or to the south of Metzitzim Beach.  It is for the exclusive use of the ultra-orthodox community, with restricted bathing periods for each sex. Entrance for women is on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Men on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Open with  lifeguards until 5:00 PM.

Hilton Beach 
Best Beaches in Tel Aviv- HiltonRooftop

Hilton Beach is unquestionably one of the most popular beaches in Tel Aviv, partly due to the proximity of hotels and the subdivision of use, attracting a mixed variety of people. Sweet for sun worshipping, swimming or water activities the Hilton Beach is split into three parts. To the North, the Dog Beach (Hof Haklavim), midway, the Gay Beach and to the South, Surfers Beach (Hof HaGolshim)

Hilton Dog Beach (Hoff Haklavim)
Best Beaches in Tel Aviv- HiltonDog Beach

Hilton Dog Beach (Hof Haklavim) – This is a narrow paradise for our furry friends!

Hilton Gay Beach (Independence Beach)Best Beaches in Tel Aviv- HiltonGayBeach

Hilton Gay Beach – Known too as Atzmaut (Independence) Beach, after the cliffs of Atzmaut Park just above. The beach is gay-friendly but welcomes all.

Hilton Surfer Beach(Hof HaGolshim)
Best Beaches in Tel Aviv- HiltonSurfer Beach

Hilton Surfer’s Beach (Hof HaGolshim)– a world renown surfing area. Fun to watch but not so easy to do!

Gordon & Frishman BeachesTel-Aviv Beaches

Gordon Beach is a favorite with many locals and tourist since it has Lala Land restaurant where you can eat and enjoy the beach at the same time! The main strip of HaYarkon Hotels are close by to all of these beaches, so in the seasonal months these do get rather busy. If you like a crowd and enjoy people spotting then Gordon, Frishman & Bograshov beaches are for you!

Trumpeldor BeachBest Beaches in Tel Aviv- Trumpledor Beach

Trumpeldor Beach is easily identifiable by the unusual statue on the promenade overlooking the beach. From this beach, there is an amazing view of the coastline until Jaffa. Although there a no facilities at present it is a beautiful stretch and quieter than the neighboring beaches.

Jerusalem BeachBest Beaches in Tel Aviv- Jerusalem Beach

Jerusalem Beach is a family friendly beach where your toddlers can meet new friends! Usually less crowded than the more northern beaches.

Banana BeachBest Beaches in Tel Aviv- Banana

Banana Beach, is just north of the Dolphinarium. This is a relaxed, very laid back beach. A sweet place to have a romantic cocktail or two whilst watching the sunset.

Drummers BeachBest Beaches in Tel Aviv- DrummerBeach

Drummers Beach is not really suggested for sunbathing but worth a visit for the entertainment value.  On a Friday afternoon, you can enjoy local spectacles such as dancing, juggling, the beating of drums and other musical happenings… Great atmosphere!

Alma BeachBest Beaches in Tel Aviv- Alma Beach

Alma Beach, known too as Park Claude Clor Beach. A great place to meet with friends and family as it is a very popular venue for barbeques and  picnics. A grassy area with a playground for the kids and a quiet spot for the occasional fisherman.

Gan Hamidrom BeachBest Beaches in Tel Aviv- Jaffa Beach

Gan Hamidron Beach – This is west of the Ajami neighborhood and is  known as Jaffa’s main beach. Ajami is famous for an award-winning movie  of the same name which was located and filmed within this district

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