9 11, 2015

Rustico Restaurant-Tel Aviv

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With the romantic notion that Sweet man could placate me with authentic Italian cuisine he opted for a late but intimate lunch in Tel Aviv. Since there is no secret Tel Aviv, the restaurant he selected Rustico was bursting at the seams with families, friends and seriously hungry foodies. I had to console myself that his intention was heartfelt but, as usual [...]

14 10, 2015

Yan Asian House-Sexy Sushi

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If ambrosia was food of the Greek deities then sushi is the Asian sensation of Tel Aviv. We have no lack of  Japanese cuisine in the City center but depending on the quality, imagination and presentation the prices range from chop stick cheap to overpriced. Having had the pleasure of indulging in many a [...]

1 10, 2015

The Bar Next Door-Tel Aviv

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My favorite evening pastime after a stress filled day is to join with friends in a buzzing bar in Tel Aviv. This evening sweet man and I agreed to meet our mates at Next Door. Next Door Bar is in easy walking distance of Rabin Square adjacent to the wide leafy Chen Boulevard. It has a few intimate tables outside [...]

6 09, 2015

Santa Katarina Restaurant-Tel Aviv

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Hidden behind the Great Synagogue on Allenby Street in Tel Aviv,  is a row of restaurants/ bars which truly come alive at night. Walking down the line of enticing eateries with their various facades, seating arrangements and the sumptious smell of flambed food, it is not an easy task to choose which one to spend an evening [...]

26 08, 2015

Bertie Restaurant-Tel Aviv

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I may be infatuated with the modern Levantine cuisine which we found in a casual set back restaurant on one of  Tel Aviv's busy main streets. During a late afternoon rush around with sweet man in tow dripping from the  humidity, his patience level  at an all time low and gasping for a drink, he suggested we stop to eat! Not one [...]