2016 Tel Aviv Marathon

//2016 Tel Aviv Marathon

2016 Tel Aviv Marathon

It’s that time again folks, the 2016 Tel Aviv Marathon. The annual running event in the Mediterranean sun, inspiring enthusiasts from all over Israel and from abroad. A multi course Marathon with 35000 potential winners!. Personally I’m not inclined (n2016 Tel Aviv Marathon- Running Shoesx2or built) to run any distance but I know many who are !2016 Tel Aviv Marathon

In just a few hours, on 26 February 2016 this event with begin with bold banners, plenty of banter and huge excitement in the city. Friends and families will stand in the chilly morning air to cheer their brave and fit loved ones on. Passers by like me will clap or wave at the sea of human color which will  temporarily replace the noisy traffic. Once in a while I will get slightly irritated when I can’t cross the road without acting like a “speedy gonzales” with a fire up my bum!.

I gather once you have achieved a marathon or a half marathon it’s very hard to stop running. I know lots people who participate again and again and are deeply disappointed when they can’t. Many  established runners like to improve on their time, while others just love the comradery of it and the fun of the run.

I admi2016 Tel Aviv Marathon -runnersre their determination and stamina. I can appreciate the mental and physical exertion it requires to achieve the accolade.I certainly understand the adrenaline high a marathon gives to the runners as it does to the city of Tel Aviv.

Then there is the financial side. Many give donations or support the participants for charitable causes. This is definitely a plus. Although more than a few Tel Aviv shopkeepers and taxi drivers will complain that for the hours the roads are with blockades, their businesses will be greatly effected. But the buzz is contagious and hey it’s only once a year....

The 2016 Tel Aviv Marathon is classed as a multi course event. Runners of all levels will  participate, including professional long distance runners and those that have exercised profusely since the last marathon!

I sincerely wish them all “The Good Run!” I will take a leisurely walk, snap some pictures, keep you informed  and keenly watch the rest on TV with my legs up on the sofa!


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