Tel Aviv Graffiti & Street Art

//Tel Aviv Graffiti & Street Art

Tel Aviv Graffiti & Street Art

I just love walking around neighborhoods of Tel Aviv to discover great graffiti, the expressive creations of street artists. Tel Aviv graffiti & street art is a world to be seen, studied and saluted!

A few days ago I dragged my obliging Sweet niece on the promise of lunch, to the south of the city. I insisted we wander through the streets in Tel Aviv that are yet to be fully developed or modernized. I knew that here we would find some of the most dramatic street art pieces displayed on crumbling walls but partially blocked by parked vehicles or plastic garbage bins.

A prime example of this is the trendy neighborhood of Florentine where we set out. This southern district is home to hole in the wall cafes, established hummus outlets  as well as other Middle eastern “fast food”  joints. It is also abundantly rich in street artistry. Here amid old industrial buildings, dilapidated carpentry workshops, unkempt car parks, on decaying bricked or cemented walls or corrugated iron closures, are some of the most fascinating graffiti to be found in Tel Aviv.

We certainly were the explorers. Delving into narrow streets, climbing levels of uneven car lots and all the while squinting in the sun trying to get the best photo. Walking with camera in one hand and hot coffee in another, was not an easy balance especially when I became excited in uncovering another wall that we had previously missed!

For Sweet niece and I, it was like walking through an open air public art gallery with the added bonus of  being free of charge ! It was captivating and definitely an interesting journey, one which  I would really recommend.  We took it at a leisurely pace and without a limited time frame so we could truly appreciate being the street audience for this great show of graffiti!

Just a little note of advise if you intend to follow in our footsteps. For this type of  adventure I usually wear rubber soled walking shoes, generally for comfort. On this specific day however, I also noted how easily they cleaned up -after stepping into a healthy mound of doggy poop!……Lucky for me:(

These pictures were taken in the Florentine area between EliFelet Street  & Arbarbanel Street. Hope you enjoy!

♥ Florentine

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