Passover 2016 Tel Aviv

//Passover 2016 Tel Aviv

Passover 2016 Tel Aviv

Passover is a very significant time for the Jewish People, whether they be in Tel Aviv, Israel or anywhere in the world. We as a community, come together on this ‘holyday” to recall and give Passover 2016 Tel Aviv- HamasHaggadahjpgthanks for our liberation from slavery in Egypt.  As we celebrate our freedom as one nation, we are each gently reminded who wPassover 2016 Tel Aviv-Pomegranatee are and why we are.

We clean our homes more profusely than usual, making sure that not a trace of hametz (forbidden leavened food) is visible. We do this in order to experience the hardship of eating unleavened bread as forefathers did. Although there is no great suffering these days to eat matzot in all the gourmet forms, it is sufficient to commit us to commemorate the importance of Passover.

At the Seder table where we join with our beloved ones, family and extended, we read and chant through the Haggadah. We take the traumatic biblical journey that was so very long ago but, still remains current in our hearts and minds.

We perform the rituals such a blessings and eat specific foods which represent our lives as they were. Parsley dipped in salted water, the vegetable symbolizing our lowly origins and the salt water symbolizing the many tears shed during our imprisonment as slaves,  ‘” Maror”, bitter herbs symbolizing our slavery, a sweet nutty paste mix called “HarosePassover Matzaht” symbolizing the mortar the slaves used to build with and of course Matzah which is the greatest universal symbol of the ExodusPassover 2016 Tel Aviv-GlassPlate

It is a time for reflection. Remembering those that suffered but fought with hope and faith in those ancient times. Remembering those that suffered and fought in closer times. Remembering those who still suffer and fight in these current times, in order that we have a safe land that is home to the entire Jewish Nation.

When you are celebrating Pesach this year, give thanks to our ancestors and to all those that helped the Children of Israel survive throughout the ages.

♥Have a Sweet, memorable and Happy Pesach!

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