Little Black Dress-on Stage

//Little Black Dress-on Stage

Little Black Dress-on Stage

Went to a shLittle Black Dress2ow last night at the renown Habima National Theater in Tel Aviv with three of my sweetest girlfriends. Surprisingly fortunate to be seated in the second row (close enough to get a whiff of perfume Theater Tel Avivmingled with great effort sweat from the stage) we happily enjoyed  an hour or so in pleasant company. Tapping our designer covered toes and heals to the nostalgic songs or mouthing the lyrics to those more familiar, we thoroughly appreciated time out from our regular evening routines. The performing company was a group called English on Stage which was founded in 2005. The show this specific evening was entitled ‘Little Black Dress’ so according to the name we duly attired ourselves to suit. Black dresses or black. Not too difficult for me as most of my more flattering clothes seem to be black anyway these days..Theater Tel Aviv

The show was a supTheater Tel Aviver sweet musical and ” fashion”  tribute to women. An evening with heartwarming hand clapping and knee bobbing renditions of  well played hit songs by  Aretha, Adele, Beyonce and others. In between these blasts from the past, were a few ‘ poetry ‘ performances (monologues) by an artist and producer of the show called Meirav Zur. She was able to take us into the arena that only women can intimately appreciate, the super women, the hormonal women, the sensitive women and the lioness. To say that we recognized more than a few of these insightful moments or throw away but ‘meaningful’ phrases is an understatement!
Hats (or scarves) off  to the vocalists. Four fab, sexy females  of  various body forms with equally sexy and strong voices. It was a sweet evening of entertainment.
Theater Tel Aviv
In the words of the pamphlet:
Little Black Dress
“Every women owns one -the Little Black Dress. It works harder, goes further, is more adaptable and more forgiving than any other single item: like the women who wear it, it adapts to any and every occasion. And just like the women who wear it , it comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a perfect LBD out there for everyone…”
I am sure you have a few in your wardrobe – I know I have!
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