7 12, 2017

Chanukah 2017 in Tel Aviv

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We're definitely on our way to Chanukah 2017 in Tel Aviv!  Every bakery in the city has a mountain of designer dressed donuts on display, each looking more delicious and calorific than the next!  Spoilt for choice, persuasive for the palate but and fatal for the figure, I think I'll pass on [...]

8 06, 2017

Tel Aviv Pride 2017

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As one of the most pluralistic cities in the world, we welcome all to participate in Tel Aviv Pride 2017.  Tel Aviv with it's thoroughly modern and diverse society has a unique vibe of energy and youthfulness, unlike anywhere else.  A vibrant city with superb restaurants, artisan cafes, hip clubs, trendy bars, amazing [...]

29 04, 2017

Israel Independence Day 2017

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Sweet Israel Independence Day 2017 from Tel Aviv! This amazing day is a celebration of a historic story which began just 69 years ago! This is the day when the State of Israel, its citizens, Jews & Zionists everywhere celebrate the existence of this wonderful country, our lives and this Holyland. Against all odds, [...]

29 10, 2015

Diamond Jewel Duo- Ben & Guy

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There are many delightful diamond jewelers in Tel Aviv but none more dynamic or dedicated to their profession than Ben & Guy. Not only are they connected by their business interest but their connection has a much deeper bond, they are brothers. To be precise they are identical twins!. They may look alike and even sound alike but [...]