Tel Aviv Pride 2017

//Tel Aviv Pride 2017

Tel Aviv Pride 2017

As one of the most pluralistic cities in the world, we welcome all to participate in Tel Aviv Pride 2017.  Tel Aviv with it’s thoroughly modern and diverse society has a unique vibe of energy and youthfulness, unlike anywhere else.  A vibrant city with superb restaurants, arTel Aviv Pride 2017-cartisan cafes, hip clubs, trendy bars, amazing culture and great shopping.

Fondly known as “the city that never sleeps”,  Tel Aviv still manages to retain the endearing charm of a neighborhood. We are a city that is positively proud to host this colorful parade within our community. This year, Tel Aviv Pride 2017 will no doubt be another unforgettable event!

The Pride concept began in the late 1990’s. It was then a smaller and more intimate gathering. It has now exploded into an event so recognized and exciting that people travel from far and wide to be part of the action, regardless of their sexuality!

Music will boom from ghetto blasters as people sing and dance through the streets, happily energizing the city. Large open vehicles will be converted to mobile stages for daring ‘darlings’ in drag. Did you see the film, Priscilla? Tel Aviv Pride 2017 will be a fun and merry celebration of gay and straight friends from all over the globe. Tel Aviv will entertain with a grand party for all!

Tel Aviv Pride 2017-togetherThe Tel Aviv Pride 2017 parade will take place on June 9th. The theme for this year is “Bisexuality”. Celebrations will be held in honor of bisexual acceptance within the LGBTQ community. The day will commence at 10:00 am from Tel Aviv’s  Me’ir Park (Gan Meir) waking up to music, shows, and speeches. This annual festival of color will move northwards through renown city streets such as Bograshov and Ben Yehuda .The final destination will be the beautiful Charles Clore Beach, where the pulsing parade will prepare itself for one of  Tel Aviv ‘s  infamous parties!

A city of color unlike another!  Fun in the sun, heat on the beach and a crazy day will be had by all!

♥Tel Aviv Pride 2017

Tel Aviv Pride 2017 Week :  4th-10th June 2017

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