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Garrigue Restaurant,Tel Aviv


There is a new eaterie on the block, Garrigue Restaurant, Tel Aviv. Opened only a few months ago the reviews had Sweet garrigue-restauranttel-aviv-interiorman and I chomping at the bit! So feeling a little too frisky we decided to give it a go. And give it a go we did! We even dragged an old friend with us who was visiting from abroad, knowing that he has very discerning taste.

On a pleasant warm Tel Aviv evening, we three strolled to the central location of Achad Ha’am Street  until we reached our destination. The interior and exterior design of the  Garrigue Restaurant was not what we had expected at all. Its name had conjured up images of  a heavy, classic brasserie, so we were pleasantly surprised to find a more youthful and contemporary looking establishment.

From the fully windowed exterior, there is a clear view to the narrow bar and the restaurant area, disregarded all pretense of privacy. We could see the seemly well-contented diners which actually created more interest since we were trying to get garrigue-restauranttel-aviv-sweetbreadsa glimpse of the food they were eating! The furniture, modern contemporary with a retro edge, added to the easy ambiance. Plus the pale wood colorings of the tables and chairs ingarrigue-restauranttel-aviv-gnochi contrast to a square of robust terracotta patterned tiling in mid floor, gave a cute quirkiness. The lovely lighting of exposed  hanging bulbs was not harsh but subtle, creating a surprisingly warm atmosphere.

Although the Garrigue Restaurant, Tel Aviv looks like a casual eaterie there is nothing at all casual about the cuisine! Having ordered a good “portion” of the menu I can definitely say the food has remained true to its European origin. That is not to say that it is not adventurous or creative it is just without the usual Israeli twist. The menu is small but well defined (rather like Sweet me) and offers six starters & six main courses. Also on offer is a “special”daily menu of 5 courses, costing NIS180. From the specially created daily menu,  you can get the real taste of talented chef Edo Fayner who is no stranger to “Haute” cuisine. In his previous life, he worked as the Sous Chef in the renown the Michelin star Mul Yam in the Port of Tel Aviv 

Needless to say, the food is innovative but retains a classic touch. Fresh ingredients and the use of “traditional” proteins such as foie gras, sweetbreads, and smoked goose breast, make the dishes both savory and scrumptious! Plating is beautifully done, each platter servedgarrigue-restaurant-tel-aviv-fish-dish like an art piece to the table. Prawns sitting prettily on delicate blinis or gnocchi in a gorgeous consome base. Each dish stimulating the visual senses garrigue-restauranttel-aviv-bread-wineand the teasing the palate. And then there are the delicate desserts … can never be Sweet enough !

Having no idea which wine to choose from the slightly unfamiliar list, we were helped to select a bottle according to our tastes, by expert Uri Caftori. This turned out to be exactly on spec and a very pleasant accompaniment to the wonderful food.

With  prices which are reasonable for the quality of food, the ambiance, and the attentive service Garrigue Restaurant, Tel Aviv is a restaurant well worth checking out on your next visit to the city.

Bon Appetite!










♥ Garrigue Restaurant

Address: 15 Achad Ha’am Street

Tel: +972-39030677

Reservations: Recommended (but sometimes on off chance too.)

Opening Hours: 7:00pm to 11:00pm (will be adding a lunchtime service in near future)

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